Church and School

Our Mission Statement

It is our God-given mission to witness to the full and free forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ in our community by learning more and more about God's grace, and by laboring in love to share God's grace , all to the glory of God alone, until Jesus comes again.

Our Objectives are:
To learn more and more about God's grace through his Word and Sacraments in worship, Bible study, and our Christian school for strengthening of our faith, fellowship, and families.

To live as examples of God's grace as we gather to encourage one another and to help the physically and spiritually needy in our congregation, our community, and the world.

To labor in love to share God's grace, the sweet message of the gospel, with our diverse community and all with whom we come in contact.

What We Believe

The teachings of Siloah Lutheran Church are those of the original, ancient church of the apostles and early Christians and may be viewed here .


The name "Siloah" comes from the German Bible (Nehemiah 3:15 and John 9:7). It was the name of the pool in Jerusalem where the blind man washed and received his sight. The idea was perhaps suggested when a neighboring congregation two years earlier decided to call itself "Bethesda" after another pool in Jerusalem. The church has been in existence since 1894. The school was opened in 1919 and again in 1962. Siloah will continue to serve the spiritial needs of the members and community because we can indeed do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


  • Pastor Hoeneck 1895-1898
  • Pastor Jeske 1898-1900
  • Pastor Auerswald 1900-1901
  • Pastor H. Hoffmann 1901-1903
  • Pastor Lieberum 1904-1923
  • Pastor Burkholz 1924-1956
  • Pastor R. Voss 1955-1963
  • Pastor L. Voss 1956-1966
  • Pastor Eickmann 1963-1966
  • Pastor W. Hoffmann 1966-1982
  • Pastor Westendorf 1967-2007
  • Pastor Grigsby 1977-1998
  • Pastor Aderman 1982-1987
  • Pastor Tullberg 1988-2017
  • Pastor Aderman January 2017- July 30th, 2017
  • Pastor Brady Coleman July 30th, 2017 - Present