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Siloah is a Christian church and elementary school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We serve children from K4 to 8th grade and are part of a large network of WELS Lutheran elementary schools and churches located throughout America. 

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Due to technical difficulties, the audio version of the 11-27-2022 message will not be posted this week. We apologize for this omission.


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November-13th,-2022-The-Gospel-of-Matthew-Bible-Study-Banner.jpgJoin us on Sundays for Siloah Cafe and Fellowship at 8:30 A.M. followed by Christian Education for children and adults at 9:00 A.M.

You-Matter-to-God-Banner-8-27-2021.jpgDid you know that you still have time to enroll your children in Siloah Lutheran School?   For more information, call (414) 873-8240 or visit siloahschool.org.

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Tap-here-for-emergency-food-5-9-2020.jpgThe Hunger Task Force is not affiliated with Siloah Lutheran Church, but the above link is provided as a public service announcement for the benefit of those in need.