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New Bible Study: Augsburg Confession 1530 A.D.

Why are there differences between what Lutherans believe and what other faiths or denominations profess as the truth?  Pastor Brady Coleman will answer your questions about this topic as we consider scripture and doctrine.

What was the purpose of the Augsburg confession?
A) Early Lutherans tried to preserve the unity of the church.
B) Early Lutherans tried to break away from the Roman Catholic Church.


The Augsburg Confession (1530 A.D.)
Written by Luther’s colleague Philip Melanchthon, this statement of faith is often viewed as the chief Lutheran confession. It was presented by the followers of Luther to Emperor Charles V at the imperial diet (assembly) meeting in Augsburg, Germany. It was intended to be a summary of the chief articles of the Christian faith as understood and taught by Lutherans in contrast to the errors that were being taught by the Roman Catholic church.


See the explanation for the first choice. Early Lutherans wanted to reform the church.