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A previous sermon is posted below to edify our listeners and  to encourage  you to share the Gospel message today.

This month, we feature Pastor Coleman’s message from January 28th, 2018.

Message for the Soul: You were called...
1. To be Jesus' disciple.
2. To be fishers of men.

Pastor James Aderman July 30th 2017 Podcast.mp3

Title: Message from 1-28-2018


Scripture Readings for the Message from Sunday,  January 28th, 2018:

First Scripture Lesson (NKJV):

Jonah 3:1- 10

Second Scripture Lesson (NKJV):

Ephesians 4:1-6

Scripture Verse (NKJV):

Matthew 4:19

Gospel Lesson (NKJV):

Mark 1:14 -20

Donate Banner with Pastor Coleman.jpgThe photograph above shows Pastor Coleman leading morning devotion at Vacation Bible School 2018.